AO Sky

Aircraft Ownership / Management


Some charter customers fly only once a year. Many charter a dozen times a year or more. If you fly in excess of 200 hours a year, it's probably time to explore aircraft ownership.

Aircraft ownership, by its very nature, can be an overwhelming and daunting concept. But AO Sky has the expertise, resources, knowledge, and, above all, the integrity required to make aircraft ownership a financially and operationally successful experience for you.

What makes AO Sky different?

We are completely devoted to meeting your distinct
needs. Most large- scale management companies have a rigid, one-size-fits-all management template. But at AO Sky, we know your unique requirements and circumstances will never be served by boiler-plate thinking. We have a different approach: We consider you our business partner, and we treat your needs, your aircraft, and your budget like it was our own. Our single measurement of success is...yours.

Most management companies say their focus is on you. In the meantime, they're distracted by selling fuel, operating an FBO, and even selling maintenance and avionics services. At AO Sky, we do only one thing--manage your aircraft--and we do it
efficiently, effectively, and with no conflict of interest. We have no competing interests or perverse incentives.

  • Instead of selling fuel, we're on the phone to our fuel providers and the internet making sure we get you the lowest fuel prices out there.
  • Instead of selling you maintenance and avionics services, we're fighting to ensure your aircraft gets the best service, on time, at the lowest prices.
  • Instead of empty promises about charter revenue, we work diligently with SKY Partners to make sure you're getting the most charter revenue possible, with quality customers who will appreciate and respect your plane.

Most large management companies will tell you that their fees are offset by savings you will enjoy due to their buying power with Flight Safety pilot training, fleet insurance policies, and fuel discounts. That is fundamentally deceptive and untrue. AO Sky achieves the same discounts and considerations based on our safety practices, business acumen, and strong relationships that we have built over the years.

Don't be fooled by the old maxim, "bigger is better." The fact is, generally speaking, the larger the management company, the less attention your aircraft gets. You become a tail number, a monthly invoice.

We offer comprehensive aircraft management solutions that can be individually structured to your needs. The various elements of aircraft management offered are (but not limited to):

  • Aircraft Acquisition Assessment & Planning
  • Aircraft Search
  • Purchase Agreement & Document Review
  • Aircraft Registration
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection
  • Aircraft Delivery and Acceptance
  • 1031 Exchange Planning and Coordination
  • Financial Modeling & Planning
  • Lender Research and Negotiation
  • Pilot & Flight Attendant Hiring
  • Hangar Lease Negotiations
  • Sales Tax Consultation
  • Property Tax Consultation
  • Charter Facilitation
  • Maintenance/Inspection Forecasting
  • Flight Crew Scheduling
  • Flight Crew Training Coordination
  • Crew and Aircraft Legality Compliance
  • Third Party Vendor Negotiations and Coordination
  • Invoice Audits and Reconciliation
  • Owner Itinerary Coordination
  • Aircraft Provisioning
  • Records Management
  • Fuel Purchase Negotiation and Coordination
  • Hull & Liability Insurance Negotiation and Coordination
  • Aircraft Warranty and Engine Service Plan Oversight
  • Flight Department Accounting
  • Billing Oversight and Invoice Reconciliation
  • Monthly Performance Reporting (i.e. budget, cash flow, aircraft productivity/utilization, charter performance, fuel performance, operational efficiency reporting, etc.)

If you are thinking about aircraft ownership--or if you are already an aircraft owner looking for a better solution--give us a call. We would be pleased to explore what AO Sky can do for you.