AO Sky


When choosing a charter company for your private travel needs, we know that you consider more than price. You are looking for value. The important qualities of uncompromised safety, truly memorable service and an impeccably maintained aircraft are truly priceless and those are where AO Sky and SKY Partners excel. But to really achieve unique value, the allure also has to encompass exceptional pricing. AO Sky's charter partner and Air Carrier Certificate Holder, SKY Partners, offers better charter pricing than most charter companies. How is that done? It is because of SKY Partners' unique pricing
methodology. SKY Partners and AO Sky decided a couple years ago that the old "industry standard" way of quoting charters was not working. Accordingly, SKY Partners changed both the process and the fundamental structure and has not looked back. SKY
Partners does not have an hourly rate as everyone else does. Those base hourly rates lead to misleading quotes and often don't come close to the final invoice. Instead of using a hourly rate, SKY Partners and AO Sky have built a system that accurately projects the actual trip costs, including direct operating costs, handling fees, landing fees, fuel costs, crew expenses, international fees, etc. Those projected costs are incorporated into the quoting system and then a reasonable fixed hourly profit is added. Therefore, the charter client pays for actual cost plus a fixed profit. No extras. No surprises. It is a very accurate and transparent manner of quoting and SKY Partners always honors the quoted price at the conclusion of the trip – unless there is a sudden spike in fuel prices or some other extraordinary cost event. And, yes, there have been many occasions when SKY Partners was able to save costs on fuel or crew expenses. When that happens, those cost savings are passed on to the customer during the final invoicing process. Everyone wins.

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