AO Sky

In-Air Dining

Our fabulous flight attendants and their incredible culinary masterpieces will astound you.

In a world where working weeks stretch ever longer and the range of the average business person's travel grows ever wider, the demanding schedule of the modern traveler affords few opportunities to savor a relaxing meal. That luxury is a standard ingredient of our flights. We are dedicated to learning your likes, dislikes and personal travel preferences, then translating that information into delicious, one-of-a-kind meals for you.

Our flight attendants love cooking. They hate catering companies. They believe catering companies are for other charter companies. Not us. The vast majority of the meals we serve are homemade and, we love surprising customers with our newest menu selections. Trust us, there is always a surprise waiting you at 41,000 feet. Our flight attendants especially enjoy finding out your final destination and reason for your trip so that they can prepare something absolutely perfect for that special place or special event.

Our meals are served on china, with silver flatware, crystal and tables laid with fine linen.

Menus are provided for every flight.

Our talented flight attendants craft meals with an emphasis on dishes that promote good health. Combining the freshest, best-quality ingredients with a range of imaginative cooking techniques. We offer in-flight meals designed to bring out the food's natural flavors - without adding excessive fats or oils.