AO Sky Forms New Partnership with Aviation Advisor

AO Sky, effective December 5, 2011, has moved its Gulfstream G200 under the Aviation Advisor Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate.  Aviation Advisor is one of the Midwest’s largest aviation solutions firms offering Aircraft Management, Executive Air Charter, and Consulting Services.

With the culmination of three decades experience in the aviation industry, Aviation Advisor, Inc. was founded in 2000 to become a leading aircraft management and private charter service.  Focus on client relationships, highest client service levels and quality has enabled Aviation Advisor to experience a slow, steady growth trend over the past few years.  Aviation Advisor is proud to hold many of the highest safety ratings in the aviation industry.

“Aviation Advisor continues to seek strategic growth opportunities and we are excited to partner with such an established flight department as AO Sky.  Organizationally, we look forward to additional expansion into the West Coast arena and remain confident our strong partnership will lend itself to additional opportunities,” says Saul Thompson, President of Aviation Advisor.

“The professionalism of the AO Sky Flight Department and constant drive to improve each customer experience sets the stage for our newly formed relationship,” says Jason Shook, Vice President of Business Development for Aviation Advisor.  “Our intent is to focus strongly on service delivery to remove perceptions of commoditization our industry often faces.”

Craig Miller, Director – Aviation Services of AO Sky, echoes Mr. Shook by saying, “Giving our clients a truly special and memorable experience is our overarching goal.  Too often our industry misses the small details with service delivery.  Attention to the smallest details is our constant drumbeat.”   Mr. Miller continues, “We chose Aviation Advisor because of their strong leadership team, their focus on the right set of safety principles, and their service-centric culture.  We look forward to a solid partnership with Aviation Advisor and aligning our strengths toward a common and unified approach that is pointed straight toward service excellence.”

For more information on Aviation Advisor please contact Jason Shook, Vice President of Business Development at 847-395-3767 or visit their website at


AO Sky hires new flight attendant to accommodate surge in charter activity.

AO-Sky is pleased to announce the addition of Amanda Gootee to its exceptional flight department team.

Amanda recently graduated from Sacramento State University with a degree in Communications.  Clearly, her studies paid off; she has great communication skills, and blends them flawlessly with “energy, spirit and a contagious smile,” says Craig Miller, Director of Aviation Services. “Our clients will love her enthusiasm for delivering exceptional service and her keen sense of what it takes to make a trip a memorable experience.”

During the months of November and December, Amanda will be going through a comprehensive company indoctrination and service training program, along with attending Flight Safety Training Center in Savannah.

Says Miller, “Everyone at AO-Sky is looking forward to January, 2012, when Amanda will commence active flight status. She will be a stellar addition to our already incredible team.”

Dr. Laura Barger, Fatigue and Sleep Management Specialist, joins AO Sky safety committee meeting.

On September 24, Dr. Laura Barger, Instructor in Medicine in the Division of Sleep Medicine, Harvard Medical School, attended AO Sky’s safety committee meeting in Davis, California and led a discussion on crew fatigue and sleep management.  

The discussion covered several topics, including sleep need, recognizing fatigue, the determinants  of crew fatigue, and the costs (consequences) associated with crew fatigue, and, most importantly, fatigue countermeasures.

The session proved to be extremely meaningful and, as a result of Dr. Barger’s illuminating presentation, AO Sky will be implementing several internal policies relative to crew rest strategies and duty time limitations.

Dr. Barger’s research has focused on health and safety risks with work hours of various occupational groups, including flight crews, NASA mission controllers, astronauts, federal air marshalls, firefighters and medical residents. Dr. Barger received her Ph.D. in Physiology from the University of California, Davis and a M.M.Sc. in Clinical Science at Harvard Medial School. She is also a retired Lieutenant Colonel having spent 20 years in the US Air Force with operational aviation experience as a navigator on the KC-135 Stratotanker.


AO Sky 3rd Annual Team Retreat – September 3, 2011

The entire AO Sky flight department and their families enjoyed the 3rd Annual AO Sky Team Retreat, rafting on the South Fork of the American River. Following the rafting trip, everyone enjoyed a catered BBQ in Pilot Hill, CA. In accordance to long standing tradition at this event, all flight crew members had to present to the group, either a song, a joke, dance or provide their own version of cowboy poetry. Fun was had by all. See Photo Gallery for snapshots of the day.

Everyone say "cheese"