AO Sky hires new flight attendant to accommodate surge in charter activity.

AO-Sky is pleased to announce the addition of Amanda Gootee to its exceptional flight department team.

Amanda recently graduated from Sacramento State University with a degree in Communications.  Clearly, her studies paid off; she has great communication skills, and blends them flawlessly with “energy, spirit and a contagious smile,” says Craig Miller, Director of Aviation Services. “Our clients will love her enthusiasm for delivering exceptional service and her keen sense of what it takes to make a trip a memorable experience.”

During the months of November and December, Amanda will be going through a comprehensive company indoctrination and service training program, along with attending Flight Safety Training Center in Savannah.

Says Miller, “Everyone at AO-Sky is looking forward to January, 2012, when Amanda will commence active flight status. She will be a stellar addition to our already incredible team.”